We appreciate all of the feedback that we receive from our clients. We are especially proud to share the following reviews.
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“Therapeutic Collaborative is a very fine professional patient care office. I recommend this place to any person seeking help. My family and I have used this place for about nine years now. They have been absolutely wonderful with my family. The Doctors and Therapists there are some of the best in the nation.”

– Donald

“Highly Professional and Excellent Patient Care. I have worked in the EMS field for many years and I can honestly say you will not find a practice that can begin to come close to Therapeutic Collaborative.”

– Bob

“Highly recommend! I worked for a company that worked with Therapeutic Collaborative, collaterally, on a regular basis. I have personally worked with the majority of the staff. When you walk in the door, you immediately feel welcome. It is a friendly and very clean environment. The front staff has always been polite when they have checked me in, and are very helpful when I need copies for our agency. I personally refer people here all of the time, and prefer it over any other agency.”

– Sara

“This is a wonderful place! – This is the best place to go if you are seeking therapeutic needs in the Northern Kentucky area. They not only have the best psychiatrists in the area, they also have a staff of wonderful therapists. There are males, females, and different types of therapy available. They are also very well educated on different local resources, should they benefit you or your family in addition to their services. I cannot say enough good things about Therapeutic Collaborative.”

– nky03

“If you’re looking for answers, go here. Dr. Eppley listens and prescribes what is needed and Kim Wolfe is the best psychologist out there.”

– Allie

“Kim is an amazing counselor. She is outstanding with children who have ADHD. She help my son when he was just five years old. Her ability and knowledge helped my son function in school and in life eventually without medicine. She helped me learn to be a better parent and taught me better parenting skills to be able to help my son soar. She is no non sense, effective, kind, compassionate and is an expert in her field. One of the best counselors in this area.”

– Anonymous

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Eppley for a couple months now and he’s been totally awesome. He listens to what I have to say and all of his suggestions do help me in the long run. He was the second psychiatrist I’ve seen because the first one was absolutely horrible and barely looked at me and into his computer screen. With Dr. Eppley it’s been different. He actually holds a conversation with you. He’s awesome and I highly recommend him!”

– Kassandra

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